The Bahama's and those pigs!!

The Bahama's and those pigs!!

The Bahama’s is next on the List!

Just a short hop from Miami – less than an hour by plane, or a beautiful 4 hour cruise, will find you on the white sands of the Bahama’s.

A former haven of pirates, smugglers and rum runners – the Bahama’s has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Carribean.

You can enjoy long days exploring the sea, watching the tropical fish swim by or relax and enjoy the powder-soft sands.

Deep sea diving among the shipwrecks and reefs – or kayaking around some of the 2,000 caves and bays – you can be as active or as chilled as the day commands.

Remember the island has three paces of life – slow, stop and reverse!

On my personal hit list is visiting the swimming pigs at Pig beach in Exumas! A few dozen super friendly pigs, who spend their days eating, sleeping and swimming they have perfectly adapted to their beach bum lifestyle.