The ultimate hourglass babe - Kourtney Kardashian

Nicky's top bikini shopping tips - Bikini lesson 1 - know your shape...

Bikini Tip 1. Know your shape – Hourglass?


Are you Hourglass shape, Athletic? Pear shape or Apple shape?


Are you are the ultimate sought after bikini shape – the Hourglass? Well yes to you!! Every ladies dream physique – and sitting alongside the bikini beauty Kourtney Kardashian.


The perfect shape for bikini dressing – pretty much any style will work for you, as long as they don’t knock you out of proportion! Rather than mixing and matching prints and plains – your physique is better suited to all print, or all plain.


Bikini tops with slightly thicker straps are best for women with bigger boobs, as they’ll give you more support and will absolutely be more comfortable for you! Skinny neck ties are a no go, as a sore neck is not the holiday accessory you want. If you want a more European look – slide the gold trims off of the Daydreamer bikini top!


Under wiring in bikini tops will also help give more support – we’re launching the Spirit dancer bikini top this summer especially for you gorgeous ladies who want a bit more va va voom, so watch this space.


I’d avoid padded bikini tops as this will make you look bigger on top, and it’s all about balance!


Top bikini bottom tip is to avoid a tie side, as this can make your hips look wider – so go for a shape like the Sanddancer or Seasurfer.