The stunning Elizabeth Hurley, our gorgeous over 50 bikini body, and our Apple body shape style guru

Nicky's top bikini shopping tips - Bikini lesson 1, know your shape!

Bikini Lesson 1. Know your shape – Apple?


Are you a Apple shape? Hourglass, Athletic or Pear?


Are you are a classic apple shape – No this doesn’t mean that you are carrying a massive beer keg around your waist. It simply means that there isn’t as much difference between your hips, stomach and ribs. Looking for some celebrity inspiration – both Catherine Zeta Jones and Elizabeth Hurley fall into this body category! Not bad eh!


The key to clever bikini picking for apples – is to draw the eye line away from the upper half of the body, and drawing the eye down to the lower part of her body. So in complete contract to our pear friends out there, I’d recommend printed bikini bottoms, and a plain top.


Any bikini top shape is great for you – so either the Sanddancer bandeau or the Daydreamer are perfect shapes for you to try! Skimpy and stringy bikini tops aren’t a problem – as they automatically accentuate your bottom half – so try away!!


Again totally on trend – try a high cut bikini bottom, this will elongate your legs and as an added bonus this shape is totally hot right now!


A fuller tie side also has the same effect – not only can you wear as high or low as you want, the tie side at the hip, in a print it will create the visual affect we’re looking for!