In third place - its the gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley!

In third place - its the gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley!

In celebration Liz Hurley just can't seem to stop sharing bikini snaps with the world - and who can blame her?

The actress may have turned 51-years-old last year, but you wouldn't be able to guess just by looking at her.  The star's defined abs on are full display as she flashes a beaming smile at the Camera.

Hurley's 477,000 Instagram followers adore her looks and physique, whilst Liz says that she doesn't obsess over her looks or age, she does work hard to keep her body in the best possible condition.

She told Emirates Woman Magazine that whilst she finds exercise “loathsome” she always finds the time for a walk every day, as well as pilates and yoga.

The beauty also admitted that she has banned bread, pasta, cheese and crisps from her diet.

Whilst that all sounds like a lot of commitment, her amazing bikini body certainly shows the results!

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